Binding Cane

Binding or wrapping cane is much like strand cane in that it is also made from rattan peel; but it has been cut wider and thicker. It is a very versatile material; it is used to cover the holes in hand caning, as a seating material using the tight weave technique, as a wrapping material on wicker and rattan furniture, and as a weaver for basketry. For the tight weave or twill weave technique, we recommend the book Splint Seats for Chairs. It requires soaking in water to make more pliable.
There are two types :

  • Machined from the centre of the cane and is easy to stain (pith cane).
  • Cut from the outer skin and is much stronger (half gloss, rattan peel).

We stock both Pith or Peel binding. Pith is a flat oval 5.5 to 6mm wide and Peel has the skin still on and is also 5.5 to 6mm wide.