Whip Making Cane

Whip making cane is used in the handle during the manufacturing of whips and is the most common material from which Australian stock whip handles are made. We stock both skin on or off. We can supply cane in 25 or 50 Kg bundles or by the kilogram or we can supply cut lengths.


Tohiti Cane

More supple than Manau, smoother appearance, and ideal for lightweight furniture, bending easily after steaming. Supplied with outer skin on.

We stock 12mm up to 28mm. We can supply cane in 25 or 50 Kg bundles or by the kilogram or we can supply cut lengths.


Binding Cane

Binding or wrapping cane is much like strand cane in that it is also made from rattan peel; but it has been cut wider and thicker. It is a very versatile material; it is used to cover the holes in hand caning, as a seating material using the tight weave technique, as a wrapping material on wicker and rattan furniture, and as a weaver for basketry. For the tight weave or twill weave technique, we recommend the book Splint Seats for Chairs. It requires soaking in water to make more pliable.
There are two types :

  • Machined from the centre of the cane and is easy to stain (pith cane).
  • Cut from the outer skin and is much stronger (half gloss, rattan peel).

We stock both Pith or Peel binding. Pith is a flat oval 5.5 to 6mm wide and Peel has the skin still on and is also 5.5 to 6mm wide.


Sea Grass

Seagrass is a grass that is hand twisted into cord. It can be used instead of rush on chair seats. Seagrass can also be used in basket weaving in combination with other materials or by itself for a "soft weave" look. It makes a great decorative accent.


Rattan Webbing

Rattan cane webbing usually refers to rattan webbing made from Chair-cane. Rattan Webbing comes in two patterns, an open weave hexagon pattern, which is popular for furniture inserts and a closed weave pattern. We only carry first quality cane webbing that is semi-bleached for light uniform color.

We stock 18" (460mm) and 24" (610mm) in all of these products from .5m up to 15.25m which is a full roll.


Core Cane

Rattan core cane is machined from the pithy centre of the rattan vine. Because it is processed it is available in many accurate sizes. It is popular for basketry and other craft work because it is very pliable when wet and will readily accept dyes and stains.

We stock core cane in sizes from 2mm to 12mm.


Manau Cane

Manau cane (rotan manau or Calamus Manan) is the best cane furniture manufacturing because of its thickness and density. Other varieties of cane do not have the strength that this manau provides.

Manau cane is very easily recognised, as it has a larger diameter than most canes and has a much smoother surface. Because of the tight fiber arrangement of the manau cane, it is much stronger than other canes and is much more resistant to stress and cracking. This tight tissue arrangement also results in high water resistance. This quality cane also allows for a wider selection of stains as lighter stains can be applied to the cane.

We stock manau cane in 26mm, 30mm 34mm and 36mm.